Minty Fresh 1963 Corvette Convertible Is a Collector’s Dream Ride

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1963 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible

With a 4-speed manual, fresh crate engine, and a cosmetic refresh, this ‘Vette is the perfect driver.

The year 1963 was an important one for the Corvette. It’s when the C2 Sting Ray was born into the world to show us what a true American sports car could be. When it debuted, the styling was considered radical but has shown itself to be a timeless classic. The chassis development was a leap forward and started the ball rolling to reach the Corvettes of today. We keep an eye out for them at auction and in the classifieds because we suspect the prices are going to start rising soon.

1963 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible

This one really grabbed our attention on Bring a Trailer because it’s both drop-dead gorgeous and comes with all the desirable trimmings. It sold for $48,500 and we suspect somebody now has an appreciating asset on their hands. It’s actually a Canadian born ‘Vette and came with a 4-speed manual box. It shows 98,000 miles on the clock but benefits from a heart transplant in the form of a fuel injected 350ci crate engine.

Interestingly, the classic ‘Vette is on its third coat of paint. Originally it was in Sebring Silver, but we do like a C2 finished in black. Particularly when the owner goes to the trouble of refreshing things like the weather-stripping, mirrors, turn signals, and wipers at the same time they respray. On top of that, the chrome is refinished – Including the wheels and spinners. Cranking the sexiness factor up is the choice of a white soft-top or a black hard-top.

The interior is a little lived in, but its in great shape and to us that’s a good thing. It means someone has been driving and enjoying their ‘Vette.  It may be 54 years old, but it’s a Corvette and that means its built to be driven. Corvettes don’t do bus passes.

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