MK Motorsports C7 Corvette Runs a 145-mph Quarter-Mile

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There’s nothing that gets me more excited than hearing about Corvettes setting new performance records. Nothing. Well, aside from having the opportunity to witness it first-hand.

One of the latest we got wind of from Speed Syndicate on the forum, took place in Houston at a drag strip showdown called the Quick 30, frequented by a lot of the guys on Corvette Forum.

Evidently, even the Texas summer heat can’t keep a Corvette down as a number of models on hand ran their personal bests in that blistering sun, according to the forum post.  In fact, a C7 owned by Kevin Kesterson and Mark Heidaker from MK Motorsports, pulled off what’s believed to be a new quarter-mile dragstrip record speed for the new Corvette at 145 mph.

That’s a little more than 12 mph faster than the C7 that was clocked at 9 seconds in the quarter-mile back in November by Late Model Racecraft (LMR). This recent “Quick 30” record in Houston is not to be confused with the quarter- and half-mile airfield record speeds that Late Model Racecraft achieved in a post we wrote last week.

My, my, my – the new Corvette sure is cookin’ up some darn-good numbers.

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