Check Out this Monstrous 1,600-Plus Horsepower C3

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This Corvette race car’s GMC Typhoon AWD System makes it even more badass.

It’s well known that some of the best and wildest mods are born out of the desire to do whatever it takes to win at the dragstrip.

The so-called “regulated” races have far more rules dictating what you can add to a car than the local weekend meet-ups. Still, nothing hinders a true competitor’s will to win. They find a way to squeeze every last millisecond of speed on the strip regardless of dynamics.

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Take this C3 Corvette featured in a Road and Track report. This monstrous dragster, built by a Poland-based company called VTG, has been modified with an all-wheel-drive system from a GMC Typhoon. This ensures that it gets every bit of grip available when the car’s 1,628 horsepower is transferred to the tarmac.

That power comes courtesy of a 6.2-liter LT1 Chevy V8 with a Turbonetics 91-millimeter turbocharger. The payoff? A car that runs a blistering 7.545-second second-quarter mile time at 173.4 mph. Rumor has it the modified ‘Vette is actually capable of 1,973 horsepower. Allegedly, it’s been tamped down for more reliability on the track.

Like we said, nothing makes a race build great like the anticipation of speed on the drag strip. This video clip of the C3 barreling down the straightaway is proof of that.

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