Montana Corvette Owners Rejoice!

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After coming across this, I’m thinking we might want to add “Friend of the Corvette” to Montana’s list of unofficial nicknames.

Four lawmakers in the state are busy drafting a bill that proposes raising the speed limit on Montana interstate highways from 75 to 80 and maybe as high as 85 mph, according to a report.

For Corvette owners who call Montana home, this has to be like being honored with the keys to Helena.

Noting that Utah, Wyoming, and Idaho have also raised their speed limits above 75 mph with no real impact on accidents, the lawmakers argue that safety isn’t really an issue with how well the roads are engineered in Montana. Seems logical to us.

The legislation wouldn’t be taken up until next year, but we’ll certainly be following it, keeping our fingers crossed, and preparing for our trip up north.

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