More Proof Vice President Biden is a Corvette Guy

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Our vice president, Joe Biden, isn’t exactly known for being soft-spoken. Politics are already polarized enough, but he makes sure to intensify the forces going back and forth across the division between the Democrats and Republicans by not speaking through a mental filter.

If you don’t feel like tuning in to CNN, just watch the video below. While addressing Yale’s Class of 2015 graduates, our second-in-command makes another statement that will fire people – and engines – up. He confidently asserts that “Corvettes are better than Porsches. They’re quicker and they corner as well.”

It’s well known that Biden is a fan of the Corvette. He owns a Goodwood Green 1967 model and expressed his interest in the new Z06 before it came out. Whether you’re a fan of Biden’s or not, let us know if you agree with him that America’s sports car is superior to Germany’s P-car. In other words: are you ridin’ with Biden?


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