More Shots Captured of the Mid-Engined C8 Corvette

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C8 Corvette test mule spotted in the wild.

Facebook users in Colorado catch the C8 out in the wild, and they were cool enough to share their finds online!

The GM supercar test mules appear getting quite a workout as we get closer to the Corvette supercar. As an example of just how spread around sightings are getting, these come from a Facebook user named Scott Schwartz, who’s dad caught the camouflaged tester in Florida. He got a couple more snaps, but amazingly, one of his friends, Kyle Hinderer also caught two in the wild not long ago out in Colorado.

We can only surmise that the two in Colorado were there for testing at altitude. The fact that they are showing up all over the place suggests it’s now about making sure reliability and performance is consistent across different climates. After all, Corvette is all about the high-end performance without the absurd initial and running costs of high-end imports.

C8 Corvette test mule spotted in the wild.

What we know so far is… still not a lot. Hagerty seems certain that the C8 will start with a base price of $70,000. But, to us, that seems unlikely for something mid-engined. Granted, the most affordable mid-engined car out there is the $55,300 Porsche Cayman, but we’re pretty sure the C8 Corvette is being benchmarked against the 911 Turbo S. That’s a whole different level of car, and you certainly won’t drive one of those out of the showroom for less than $190,000. Particularly if you play the Porsche options game.

We expect the C8 to come in at tens of thousands under that, but wouldn’t be shocked at a sticker around $100,000. Of course, if Hagarty is correct then we’ll be recommending one C8 for a daily and one C8 for the track over a single 911 Turbo S. If someone really wants a Porsche badge, they can simply spend the difference on a used Cayman to sit in the garage and get dusty.


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If we were betting people, we would throw down some green on the C8 getting 600 horsepower to give it a few more than the 911 Turbo S. Most likely that’ll be an upgraded version of the LT1 from the current Stingray and Grand Sport. Also, we agree with Car and Driver that it’s extremely unlikely there’ll be a manual gearbox option, and Chevy will use a Tremec sourced seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox.

We would also risk more than a few bucks saying that the C8 is going to drop a huge bomb on the supercar world. Front-engined Corvettes have been supercar adversaries for a long time, but now with the engine in the optimal position, and the Corvette team’s passion for going fast, we expect the new Vette to be a supercar slayer.

Photos: Scott Schwartz and Kyle Hinderer

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