UPDATE: Motor Trend Overheats Another Corvette Z06

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OK Chevy, you've got a problem. This just happened to the Z06 after a 45-mile freeway cruise. We're talking 70-85 mph at about 6:00 pm. Hot, but not crazy hot. 80-85 F. The weird part is the as you can see from the temp gauge, the coolant temp is fine. What then is overheating? And why? #Chevrolet #Corvette #Z06 #BigNasty #overheat #LT4

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*UPDATE* 8/11/2015: Motor Trend has posted a new photo of a red Z06 with the caption, “Big Nasty is back! Turns out the water pump died…” It doesn’t make me feel much better about the situation, but at least we know the cause of this particular cooling fault.

Motor Trend has once again managed to trigger the overheating warning in the new Corvette Z06. So far, many forum members have experienced the same problem and MT’s gone through it for a third time. Even I went through it with the Z06 at a recent Cooper Tire event. What makes this latest occurrence so important is the fact that MT says it had the issue on the interstate during steady-state driving.


To recap what we know, it seems that after a full day of fun at the track, Jonny Lieberman was driving home with his wife when the Z06 threw up the overheating message. In the pic he sent out from the MT Instagram account, Jonny noted that the coolant temp looked fine on the gauge, but an astute eye will see that he was actually looking at the oil temperature gauge. The coolant warning light was on in the top right of the cluster, so I would assume that the coolant was too hot and the oil temp was fine.

Either way, after this many issues, I think GM needs to figure out what is going on here. Even if relatively few cars are displaying this problem, GM needs to determine why some of them are worse off than others and what they can do to fix them.

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