Motor Trend’s Head2Head Pits the Corvette Grand Sport vs the Porsche 911 Carrera S

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[VIDEO] Motor Trend's New Head2Head Pits the Corvette Grand Sport VS Porsche 911 Carrera S

Motor Trend’s newest web show is called ?Head2Head? and its all about comparisons of two similar cars. In the premiere episode, MT editor Angus Mackenzie compares the 2012 Corvette Grand Sport to the all new 2012 Porsche 911 Carrera S. While it’s obvious from the beginning that Mackenzie has a favorite (and it’s not the Corvette), the ?Head2Head? video still features some great eye candy as well as a hefty dose of the Corvette’s mighty 436-hp V8.

Motor Trend calls the two sports cars ‘soul brothers? but they in fact have very little in common. The Porsche 911 gets it power from the rear with a 3.8L flat-six engine which produces 400 hp while the Corvette’s front-engined LS3 produces 436 hp.

From the moment Angus gets in the Corvette, its all about the perceived deficiencies: Crude interior, slow shifter and seats that make you feel ?as though you are sitting on them instead of in them?. But he does dig that the V8 sound which he likens to ?Shock and Awe?.

On a twisty Southern California road, the Corvette bashing continues with comments like ?It’s a bit like wrestling a grizzly bear? and ?If I make a mistake, it’s going to rip my head off? and my favorite WTF quote: ?It also doesn’t have the delicacy and fluency of the 911′s controls?.

Let me tell you what else the Corvette Grand Sport doesn’t have compared to the Porsche 911 ? the price tag. As tested, the Corvette Grand Sport was priced at $72,130 vs the Porsche 911′s $131,760. So are we really going head2head or is this apples2oranges?

Seriously, for what the Porsche costs, I could spend $72K on a 4LT Corvette Grand Sport, add some custom Caravaggio seats and an upgraded stereo/NAV and still have enough cash left over to buy a Cadillac CTS.

Although Motor Trend’s Head2Head web show promises comparisons, its all subjective with no metered testing or drills. So in the end, we’re just supposed to take their word for it.

What do you think. Did MT blow it with this one? Speak your piece in the forums!

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