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Though all of this is concerning it is not disastrous since the king of the hill for 2014 remains a Chevrolet.   But it is imperative that GM act quickly to restore the performance crown to the Corvette.  We all know that usurpers are taking aim at both the Corvette and Camaro.  Take a look at what is currently out there and imagine the competition’s numbers by 2015 model year.
Simply GM needs to mount a full court press to bring the Z06 back no later than the 2015 model year.
So to help me resolve my latest issue, I have decided to, you know, make ?lemonade from lemons? so to speak.  To turn my despair into dreams of just what is in store for the die hard Corvette enthusiasts for 2015.  And though I am no engineer,  my dreams actually turn to fantasies knowing there are engineers like Mark Stielo just waiting to get their hands on the new LT1, turning it from a ?capable? engine into a roaring, ?fire-breathing?, competition-eating beast. 
First, foremost and perhaps the most important ingredient in restoring the Corvette to supremacy is the support of Mark Reuss.  I’m confident Reuss recognizes the importance of keeping the Corvette the dominant performer in the GM line-up and understands the importance the Corvette plays influencing the sales of many Chevrolet models through association.  Reuss also realizes that unless the Corvette’s status as GM’s top performer is restored there is little chance of it becoming the ?global car? GM envisions.  And unless it becomes GM’s ?halo? car for the global market there is little chance that it can be used as a brand enhancer to help  turn the disastrous European sales around.  
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