Mystery Schwarzenegger C3 Pic Leads to Celebrity Corvette Treasure Trove

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arnold schwarzenegger corvette

As we learned earlier this month, Farrah Fawcett drove a totally ’70s, George Barris designed C3 Corvette named “Foxy Vette.” In the thread about the car, called “Even Farrah Fawcett Liked C3s,” member PLRX posted up the amazing photo above, with a brief caption: “Even Ahnold.”

That was it. And then the conversation veered back to quality insight about Foxy Vette’s (and Fawcett’s) features. A couple of guys chimed in about the Schwarzenegger photo, but nothing very factual about the car except for Vettebuyer6369’s query, “’73 and up emblem on a 70-72 car?” Which really only adds to the mysterious provenance of the picture.

So, being a curious guy, I went Googling. And I came up with bubkis about the origins of the photo above, because my search was gloriously disrupted by one of the greatest Internet discoveries of my life. And that’s pretty much what I’m paid the big bucks to do.

The photos below are just a few choice selections from Corvette Blogger‘s Pinterest board entitled “Corvettes of the Rich and Famous.” If you love that cool celebs love America’s coolest car, then you’ll love this. From the King of Cool, Steve McQueen, to the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Elvis Presley, this is the best collection of celeb ‘Vette pics I’ve seen in one place.

But now that such a fine disruption is over, it still doesn’t get me any closer to knowing the story behind Ahnuld’s C3. Anyone got any clues?

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Via [Corvette Blogger’s Pinterest]

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