N2A Motors Devilray is a Limited-Edition Throwback to the 1960s

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Classic Corvette Stingray homage from N2A Motors features carbon composite bodywork, available carbon fiber accents, and three levels of V8 power.

It’s been more than 50 years since Chevrolet produced the 1963 Corvette with its iconic split rear window, but love for its design hasn’t faded. The folks at N2A (No Two Alike) Motors – makers of the 7-8-9 mashup of 1957, 1958, and 1959 Chevys – were such fans of the legendary Corvette that they built their very own modern day interpretation of it.

The carbon-composite Devilray has a stinger hood up front, vents on the sides, the split window and four round lights in the back, and short overhangs at both ends. Inside, the Devilray features a C6 Corvette interior with a dual-cowl makeover.


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N2A Motors offers three power and appearance packages for the Devilray. The base model is equipped with leather, Devilray exhaust tips, the choice of a six-speed automatic or manual, and “out-of-the-box, 440-plus HP.” The GT comes with a wood steering wheel and interior accents, retro wheels, a sound system with navigation and a backup camera, and an LS7 under the hood. The most performance-focused Devilray is the RR. That’s equipped with carbon ceramic Brembos, a sport steering wheel, racing wheels, and LS9 power – more than 630 horses and 604 lb-ft of it, to be exact. For those seeking even more grunt, N2A offers performance kits that generate 520 to 1,000 horsepower. It also sells carbon fiber accents for a variety of under-the-hood bits of hardware.

According to a press release, N2A Motors will only make 50 Devilrays, four of which it took orders for at the 2017 SEMA show. For each Devilray his company sells, N2A Motors founder Gene Langmesser, an automotive designer and engineer, will donate $1,000 to Oceana, a non-profit which protects marine life including – you guessed it – devil rays.

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