NA C6 Corvette Shoots for 10s

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NA Corvette Shoots for 10s

You don’t have to run forced induction to get a C6 Corvette well into the 10-second range.

Most C6 Corvette owners who want to run in the 10-second quarter mile range get there by adding forced induction. One member has shown that without an extensive list of modifications and without turbocharging, supercharging or nitrous oxide- you can run 10s with your LS3-powered Corvette.

The Introduction

This thread was started by “lazerlemonta” last November, when he asked the community whether they thought that he would be able to get into the 10-second quarter mile range with the stock exhaust manifolds. His initial post is below, which explains what he is looking to do and how he plans to reach those goals.

I had a 2015 1LE that went 11.56 at 120 with E85, Bolt-Ons and 1.85 Rockers. Unfortunately it was totaled. I decided to replace it with a C6 since the majority of my parts would fit it and it weighs roughly 700 pounds less. Currently I have installed the 1.85 rockers, PSI 1511s with Ti Retainers, Rod Mod LS3 Intake (will be cutting the floor out of the stocker and doing some runner work to it and test both). I will port the throttle body, put the mezier EWP on, make a ram air set up and put the LSA injectors in with a flex fuel sensor. (I have everything except the sensor) Got a stage 2 Differential with 4.10s on the way with the dif/trans brace and I will be using my 5.5″ tilton clutch set up which weighs about 17 pounds. Got a set of 16″ salad shooter that I will put a set of 26″ Hoosier QTPs on. Would like to see it make 440/440 at the wheels with this set up. Is touching the 10s on stock manifolds stock exhaust doable? I have NPP which is the only option on it and the Chrome forged wheels.

Corvette Race Wheels

Early Naysayers

The first few people who replied to this thread last year doubted that the OP would be able to hit his 10-second goal with the stock exhaust manifolds.

Rick T:

You didn’t say if you have LS2, LS3 or LS7……..but I’d say no…..but there are a lot of people here who know far more than I know.


If you have to ask if you can with stock exhaust, I doubt youll be running 10’s NA. Assuming you are talking LS2 if the power mentioned is your goal.

Maybe you’re an excellent driver and can run mid-bottom 11’s with 440hp?

I would have to say you’ll be quick, but not reach your goal with everything you mentioned.


The stock exhaust manifolds w/cats will be a restriction. Air in has to have a way out. I’d be checking the fit on those 16″ wheels before you buy tires, since I believe there will be interference. You didn’t mention a tune, but I assume that’ll be included. The other thing you’ll need is the driver mod to launch the car with those 4.11’s and cross your fingers so you don’t snap axles. Otherwise, 10’s are likely.

Supporters Chime In

After the first few commenters were quick to doubt the goals of the OP, a few members voiced a positive view on the project.


I think it’s doable.


Well if it doesn’t do it you know it will be the exhaust that’s the reason and a zo6 exhaust should fix that. My car is an A6 and although I haven’t run in the tens yet I know it will i just never get to go to the track. My car with just a CAI, headers ,converter and drag radials has been a 11.10 @123.6 so the MPH is there. I was losing a ton do to my car not shifting until I let off and let it shift. That is now fixed and it’s a huge difference. I also ran that 123 mph with a non npp exhaust. I’m going to VMP in a few weeks and looking to run [email protected] 125.


Yew can dooo eeet!!


I think it will be easier than you think. Swapping to 4:10s is going to help big time.
Good luck!

The Build Begins

The first substantial update from the OP came a couple months after the thread began, at which point he let us all know where he was in the project.

C6 Corvette New Rear Differential

Been busy getting ready for spring. Got the clutch, 4.10s and ram air built. Put a new set of Bilstiens and new z51 rear mono leaf spring in. We still have lots to get done but it’s a start.

Corvette Ram Air

He shared pictures of the clutch, the homemade ram air setup and the new rear suspension setup with that post and a few posts later, he shared images of the engine bay with the new fuel system components installed. He also shared a picture of one of the big, sticky Hoosier tires that he planned to run at the track.

As time went on, the OP test fit the 16-inch wheels which would carry the Hoosiers and he found that it took a little filing of the suspension components for the smaller rollers to fit. He also picked up a few more items, including the crank scrapper and a 10% ATI damper – spending the final months heading into spring mounting up the new parts.


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