National Corvette Museum gets Another Addition

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1974-Chevrolet-Corvette-NCM-Donation text image

It looks like the National Corvette Museum will be adding a new member to its collection.

Paul Marseglia, the owner of a brown 1974 Stingray, has decided to donate his beautiful car to the museum, according to a GM Authority report.

The Franklin, Mass. resident said he felt the time had come to make sure his beloved Corvette was in a place where it could be better protected.

“I’m a founding member of the Museum, so I know that people donate their Corvettes,” stated Marseglia. “I figured that was the best thing to do … to take it somewhere for other people to enjoy.”

Well, Mr. Marseglia, I’m sure I join hundreds of other Corvette fans around the world in thanking you for your donation. Because of you and others who’ve donated their beloved ‘Vettes to the museum, we can be assured that the history of the Corvette will be preserved for generations to come.

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