National Corvette Museum Might Salvage Sinkhole?

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It looks like some of those Corvettes damaged in the sinkhole aren’t the only things National Corvette Museum officials are considering preserving.

Representatives from GM and the NCM will be inspecting each of the “Great 8” to determine which cars are “appropriate” to be restored.  The Corvettes that are not restored, which will likely include the 2001 Mallett Hammer Z06, will be kept on permanent display as a reminder of the February 12th sinkhole collapse.

Now museum officials are saying they are also considering saving the actual sinkhole, or portions of it, as part of the permanent display.

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“There is a possibility of leaving it here. Whether, it’s just a portion or all of it, having a bridge over it, stairs that go down in it, a glass floor on top where you can look down,” Katie Frassinelli from the National Corvette Museum told CNN. “We’re talking to the construction company and engineers just to see the possibilities.”


Now, it could just be me, but I think we’re really starting to take this thing a little too far.

We’ve been hearing rumors that the Museum might consider preserving the sinkhole, but honestly, I had chalked it up to just that – rumors – until this CNN report.

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Personally, I’ve had a tough enough time swallowing the idea that some of the damaged Corvettes might be left on display there in Kentucky, but preserving the sinkhole for a few extra ticket sales seems a bit much.

I say let the museum stand for what it’s always stood for: the love and passion for the Corvette.

Source [CNN]

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