Naturally Aspirated C6 Corvette Z06 Stroker Holds a Big Power Secret

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448 cubic inches, 720 horsepower, 160 mph in the half-mile, and 0-60 in right now. This C6 Z06 is more than just numbers, however, as it retains the relatively mild street manners we love about the car, in fact, if it didn’t have a “Jake” wrap on it, it would be difficult to tell this one from any other Z06. No major body modifications have been made, but with all that extra naturally-aspirated power, it delivers┬átrack performance and even autocross ability well beyond what it was capable of from the factory. Aside from the wrap, the only thing that gives this car away as anything other than a standard Z06 (if you can call any Z06 standard) is the extremely loud exhaust.

The owner of the car chose to make naturally-aspirated power with this stroker engine. While N/A power is generally more expensive than forced-induction power, the great thing about the naturally-aspirated engine is not having to worry about the heat-soak issues you often experience with supercharged or turbocharged cars. For long stints on the track, the N/A engine won’t have that same power fall-off that the others will as they gather heat.

The video below is rather interesting. And while the title says the Z06 Stroker is scary, there doesn’t seem to be much that would indicate it to be actually scary to drive. A big-power LS engine usually has linear and tractable power that simply requires a deft throttle foot now and again. But if you aren’t a hooligan, it settles in nicely and accelerates easily. Don’t stomp on the car’s loud pedal and it won’t stomp on you. It’s all about respect.

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