Corvette Museum adds 1986 Sucker Vette to collection

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It looks like the National Corvette Museum is revving up for an interesting new addition. As the museum begins making repairs on that sinkhole, officials will also be busy finding a spot for the 1986 ChEaparral J2J Sucker Vette that will now be calling the Kentucky facility home.

The Corvette was built years ago by a group of Procter & Gamble engineers as an entry for the $2007 Grassroots Motorsports Challenge, according to a GM Authority report. Modified from a C4, the “Sucker Vette” was inspired by the Jim Hall vacuum-enhanced Chaparral 2J from the 1970s.

Underneath, the car featured a cooling fan powered by, of all things, a snowmobile engine that would actually pull the car to the ground with about 1,000 pounds of downforce, which is how it got the name “Sucker Vette.”

As if that wasn’t unique enough, the gas tank was designed from a beer keg, which helped the team of engineers earn the $2007 Challenge Overall Champion award.

Unlike those damaged Corvettes from the sinkhole on display, this is one I’d be really interested in seeing.

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