Classic Chevy Shop Damaged in Bowling Green Storms

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“Ever Feel Like You’ve Been Hit By a Mack Truck?” — Adam Boca

That’s how Adam Boca’s Facebook post began last Wednesday, as it documented the destruction of Dennis and Sharon Smith’s automotive shop in Bowling Green, Kentucky. The shop held six beloved Chevrolet classics, including a beautiful C2 Corvette drag racer (shown above). You can see another C2 and a C3 in the photo below. And there’s a Camaro under all the rubble, as well. Boca is Agency Supervisor with NCM Insurance Agency, and he was on site to survey the damage with co-worker Jeff Forsythe, following some gnarly wind storms last week. So gnarly, in fact, that they tore walls and the roof from the Smith family garage.

NCM Inusrance

“My friends/customers, Dennis Smith and his wife Sharon sure felt that way today. 6 of their prides and joys were in their garage when it came down. Massive storms ripped through our area and wiped out the garage,” Boca’s post went on to say. “High five, fist bumps and hugs to all who helped. Intense day, but all will soon be back to normal. Happy that NCM Insurance Agency Collector Vehicle Insurance protected these beauties. These cars will be fixed and Dennis will be polishing them soon again.”

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Not only does Adam sound like a great insurance representative, but it would appear that he and Jeff actually care about the people they cover. The National Corvette Museum is more than just a monument to our favorite rides, it’s also a friend of the community. The destruction is rough, but we’ll get through it, because we’re all in this together. Best wishes to Dennis and Sharon on getting their wonderful ‘Vettes (okay, and that Camaro, too…) back to tip-top shape again soon.

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