NCM Planning to Add Replica Sinkhole Exhibit

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NCM sinkhole

I guess there’s just no shaking the sinkhole that enveloped some of those treasured Corvettes at the National Corvette Museum last year — regardless of how much some of us would like to forget the disaster.

Even with that humongous hole now filled, it seems that NCM officials believe that many would still like to relive the catastrophe, as there are now plans to add a small replica of the sinkhole as a display at the museum, according to a WBKO report.

The new exhibit will include a replica of the Skydome as well as a model of the sinkhole, which are intended to give viewers a visual of exactly what the disaster looked like.

“It’ll be called sensorama. The guests will enter the room and it will simulate what it would have been like if you were in the cave when the sinkhole happened. So, it should be really exciting,” said Katie Frassanelli, NCM’s marketing and communications manager.

Now, I’m not sure what has me more stumped, the idea of why NCM would need a replica sinkhole exhibit or the idea of calling the display “sensorama.”

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