NCM Showcases Callaway Super Speedster II LM

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Meet the only series II Callaway Super Speedster built with a removable hardtop.

This unique C4 Corvette is one of the crown jewels of the Callaway display currently being shown at the National Corvette Museum. Let’s begin with the rarity involved. First of all, this car is based on an off-the-assembly-line C4 ZR1. So it has the all-aluminum DOHC LT5 V8 with Callaway’s twin-turbo setup spouting out a mega 755 horsepower. Secondly, this is the only Callaway Super Speedster to ever be equipped with the Le Mans-proven racecar bodywork. And it’s the only one to be fitted with a removable hardtop. Callaway cars are usually rare, but this one is truly one-of-one.

This car was originally built as a “regular” Super Speedster Series II, but later the owner fell in love with the LM bodywork that Frieda wore at the 24-hour French endurance race. So he had it sent back to Callaway to have the new bodywork added. You can see the long sloping nose at the front, which is built entirely from a single piece of hand-laid carbon fiber, and perfectly incorporates a set of stationary headlamps. Out back is a re-shaped rear end with a massive race-car wing on it. It’s a somewhat odd look, but it’s streamlined and functional.

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For just a couple more weeks you can see this car, and a bunch of other Callaway specials, on display at the NCM. The display is part of Callaway’s anniversary celebration, commemorating 30 years of working their magic on Corvettes. For three decades, the company has been making General Motors’ fastest sports car even faster. And they’ve made some wonderfully crazy cars in the process. Check it out while you still can.

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