NCM Showcases Special Callaway C4 Convertible B2K

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In Case You Needed More Reasons to Love the Callaway C4 Convertible B2K, Here’s a Bunch

One of the final B2K Callaway-tuned C4s, presented in Periwinkle Purple, is currently on display at the NCM alongside 15 of its brothers. This is the fourth in a series of videos on each car. We really appreciate what Callaway has been able to make from a Corvette starting point. They’ve always had an eye on extending the Corvette platform far beyond what Chevrolet had in mind. And this B2K is no exception.

1991 RPO B2K

By 1991, the Callaway cars had received full “Sledgehammer” bodywork. And they looked phenomenal — especially in convertible-spec, like this late-production Series 500 car. In the video above, Callaway’s Chris Chessnoe walks us through all of the changes between the early C4 B2K cars and the late 1990-1991 cars.

There were a few bodywork changes, including the bubbled-up twin-intercooler vents that dominate the hood. And there’s various trim changes inside the car, as well. And of course there were some upgrades in the engine compartment, like a revised “wonderbar” elbow and a new intake manifold.

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While this Convertible may look closely related to the Sledgehammer car, this “Regular Production Option” (RPO) car has just 403 horsepower, compared to the Sledge’s 898. While it doesn’t have quite as much power, it does have the straightforward and wedge-shaped beauty you’d expect from a Reeves Callaway design.

You can check out this car in person, as well as 14 other historically significant Callaway Corvettes, by visiting the National Corvette Museum through May 5th. The collection celebrates the 30-year relationship that Callaway has had with Chevrolet’s most exciting sports car. If you’re in the area, stop by. If you’re not, you can see the excellent videos, and discuss each car here on Corvette Forum.

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