NCM Video Provides More Details on 2016’s New Features

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Z06 Bash

There’s certainly no shortage of discussions here at Corvette Forum about the new 2016 updates for the C7. And as you’d expect, those discussion have produced a lot of interesting comments.

From talk that the new limited edition Z06 C7.R should have more performance enhancements, as noted here, to concerns that Chevy focused too much on design packages, as expressed in this report, at times it’s hard to make out exactly how people at Corvette Forum feel about the new features.

However, it appears that most who attended the bash at the National Corvette Museum to showcase the new features seemed to be pretty excited about what they saw, as highlighted in the video below. Of course, it’s hard to survey exactly what those on hand were really thinking.

One thing’s for sure, it certainly was a who’s who event as it relates to the Corvette team, with practically every key executive charged with overseeing the C7 on hand for the presentation including Jeff Lamarche, Corvette Assembly Plant Manager; Tadge Juechter, Corvette Chief Engineer; Harlan Charles, Corvette Product Manager; and Ryan Vaughan, Design Manger.

You might want to set aside a block of time before settling in to watch the video though, because the entire clip is a little over an hour long.

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