National Corvette Museum had Biggest Attendance Ever in 2017

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Ride-along experiences were part of the appeal of a visit to NCM.

National Corvette Museum‘s 2017 attendance set new records, proving that attractions at the museum and the track are worth a trek down to Kentucky.

Several interactive attractions are part of the appeal, aside from just the museum. For those fans of vintage Corvettes, there are passenger rides in a 1966 327 convertible, a ’79 C3 coupe, a C4 convertible, and a 2003 50th Anniversary drop top.

For those interested in a bit more action with the new toys, NCM’s race track offers sessions in a brand new C7 from their fleet. But the fun isn’t just limited to what thew adults can partake in. For the younger enthusiasts, competitive go-karting is available and a new addition of a racing simulator can take you to just about any track in the world to drive your favorite Corvette.

When we live in a time with ever-increasing costs, NCM knows the appeal of a budget friendly experience. Prices are just $10 for adults, 5 bucks for kids 12-5 years old and the younger ones get to enjoy the experience at no cost at all. even better is the admittance price to the Motorsports Park. Watching the cars lap around the facility is completely free (aside from very few larger scale events) and the go-karting is just 20 dollars for an arrive and drive session.

Attendance for the museum and the Motorsport Park were tallied at 60,840 and 228,744, respectively. We are glad to see one of our favorite Corvette attractions doing so well after the devastating sinkhole several years ago.

Patrick Morgan is an instructor at Chicago's Autobahn Country Club and contributes to a number of Auto sites, including MB World and 6SpeedOnline.

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