Need a Cheap ‘Vette Kart? This One Might Be for You

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C4 'Vette Kart

Like it or not, the the ‘Vette kart’s popularity is on the rise. Prices, however, remain low.

Of all the things that have gained popularity with Corvettes recently, the stripped-back Vette kart is probably one of the most popular. Due to the Corvette’s unique construction, the whole body can be stripped away, exposing the skeleton, and yet somehow, can remain street-legal. Jeeps have been shedding doors and body panels for eons, so why not a Corvette?

Cleetus might have the most famous ‘Vette kart of all right now, not only because of his consistent shenanigans on YouTube, but also because of his setting the fastest stick-shift Corvette 1/4 mile time in the world. Seeing how fun these can be as toys, some of us might want to buy a ready-to-build example. Lucky for us, one popped up on the The Street Machinery Sales And Service Sunday Swap-A-Rama Facebook group.

C4 'Vette Kart

This one, based on a 1990 C4, is just a roller, but that leaves all engine options up to you. There’s an engine in the pictures, but that’s probably just to give you ideas of what you can cram in the front. At a $3,800 asking price, though, it’s priced at a very reasonable point of entry. Included is a rear-end setup with a Dana 44 diff with Richmond gears within. You’ll also get racing seats suitable for road racing, harnesses to go with those seats and a fuel cell.

C4 'Vette Kart

If you’re the type that actually does want to take this thing on the road, you’re our kind of enthusiast. Since the car has a clear title and VIN, you can ensure you’ll never blend in with traffic ever again.

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Patrick Morgan is an instructor at Chicago's Autobahn Country Club and contributes to a number of Auto sites, including MB World and 6SpeedOnline.

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