Netherlands Hosts 10th Annual Corvette Fame Show

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[VIDEO] Netherlands Hosts 10th Annual Corvette Fame show

Our Corvette brothers and sisters in the Netherlands recently hosted the 10th annual Corvette Fame car show which brought out an estimated 350 Corvettes to the Gardens of the Holland Casino at Valkenburg aan de Geul.

Like any typical Corvette show you would attend here in the states, the Corvette Fame show offers a little something for everybody. And if you like to watch videos of Corvettes with a bit of freaky-deaky Dutch electronic music in the background, then we’ve got a special treat for you.

And if that video wasn’t enough for you, here is a very nicely done picture video from the 10th Annual Corvette Fame show that shows many of the Corvettes in attendence, again with some very interesting background music.

Last year’s show made our radar after a red 1959 Corvette was stolen from a parking garage the night before the show. Let’s hope that this year’s show went better for organizers and attendees alike!

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