We Have a New C6 in the Corvette Forum Family

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We just gave a big welcome and shout out to a member of Corvette Forum who just bought an FRC coupe, and now we want to take a minute to welcome another new owner into the Corvette family.

New member 2008C6!! just purchased a 2008 Coupe. It is a great color combination, has three pedals, and soon it will be even more powerful. He plans on tackling the mod scene by bolting in more power to the motor. The plan currently is too keep it naturally aspirated, and get more grunt with new heads, a cam, and extensive exhaust work.

If you have a minute, it would be great if everyone just stopped by to say hi and welcome 2008C6!! into our Corvette Forum family. He’s already been very active in the thread, so we are looking at a great new member and I just wanted to make sure he feels properly welcomed. So stop by, say hi, and tell him I sent you.

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