New Corvette Grand Sport Earns Covetted Car of the Year Honor

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2017 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport

I doubt this comes as a big surprise to anyone here, but we still love reveling in the honor anyway.

After all, anytime a magazine like Car and Driver chooses a Corvette for its best of the year list, it’s going to get front page coverage here at Corvette Forum.

Yep, this year’s list of honorees includes none other than the new Corvette Grand Sport, which many have touted as the best C7 variant to date. In addition to the GS’s performance attributes, Car and Driver also cited the price of the Corvette variant as a reason for it earning a spot on its 2016 10 Best Cars list.

“You can park a GS in your driveway for as little as $66,445, exactly $10,000 more than the base car and nearly $15,000 less than the Z06,” writes Cars and Driver reporter, Tony Quiroga.

This  marks the third time in four years that a C7 has been included on the mag’s 10 Best Cars list. Not too shabby, eh?

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Via [Car and Driver]

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