C7 Corvette Grand Sport Tells New Porsche 911R to Eat Crap

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Corvette Grand

Ah, Grand Sport. Say it slow, and it goes down smooth. Chevrolet is back at it again building incredibly powerful and mega-performing cars for rich, stuck up and flamboyant golfers. Wait no, that’s Porsche, Porsche does that, Chevy builds Corvettes for everyone that can afford to buy one.

General Motors shocked the world when they unveiled the Grand Sport Corvette at Geneva this week, not because it was a surprise (it wasn’t), but because this incredibly hot and racy number looks stunning, is cheaper than a Z06, and is not a limited production model. Yes, you read right, unlike the Porsche 911R which just debuted and is already sold out, Corvette will quench the thirst of Corvette lovers until there’s thirst no more!

Corvette Grand

Sure, the Porsche may be beautiful, but so is the Corvette, and the 911R’s price tag of $184,900 dollars for a 500-horsepower motor paired to a 6-speed manual transmission is enough to buy two Corvette Grand Sports with nearly 460-horsepower engines and 6-speed manual transmissions. Oh, and there may be money left over for a Chevy Spark.

Two serious cars, two respectable icons, but one brand chooses to feed the greed of the stingy one-percenters, while the other chooses to put smiles on as many faces as possible.

Who would you choose?

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