New Corvette Sales Skyrocket in Canada

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Corvette sales in the U.S. take a dive, while Canada’s demand grows.

It’s been said that it often takes American trends a while to catch on in other places.

If so, that might explain why sales numbers for the C7 Corvette have skyrocketed in Canada, even amidst a decline in the U.S.

Then again, a 57-percent increase over a year’s time frame is well beyond the kind of pace typically associated with a trend catching on, regardless of how major the influence might be – especially one that involves a big-ticket item like a car.

Of course, the size of the U.S.’s potential market for the Corvette skews the chart a bit when it comes to volume numbers, as highlighted in a report by The Drive.

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For example, in May of 2016, Chevy sold 2,673 C7s compared to a total number of 219 units sold in Canada. Still, the increase of 124 more ‘Vettes sold in Canada in May this year, for a total of 343, is an intriguing phenomenon.

In fact, it looks like Corvette sales in Canada could peak even higher in month-to-month sales, as 2017 races into the summer. That may spur even more Corvette sales in Canada. As of the end of May, Chevy had sold 978 total units of the American sports car in Canada in 2017, an increase of 278 Corvettes compared to the same time last year.

It all poses a very serious question about what might be really driving the growing sales numbers in Canada. Of course, the more pressing issue for Chevy might be why the ‘Vette sales numbers are declining in the U.S.

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