New Corvette Appealing to More than Just Young at Heart

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It looks like Chevrolet’s push to make the new Stingray more appealing to younger buyers might be paying off.

Well, as least it seems to have for one buyer as reported by GM

“I just wanted you to know that GM is targeting younger buyers with the all new 2014 Corvette, and that they got me,” writes Tony, taken from GM Authority’s Mailbag series.

“It depends what you call young… I’m 45 years old and was in the market for a sports car this summer,” he continues.  “The two cars that I have owned before and wanted to look at the new body styles and improvements were the Porsche 991 and the Mercedes SL550. In fact, I took a trip from Indiana to Florida to test drive both cars and was on the two yard line on one of them.

Then I started reading about the all new Corvette and couldn’t believe the new technology that has been put into that car and how the interior has been improved. So without driving one, I went down to the local dealership and ordered one. The dealer is getting three Corvettes — two coupes and one convertible — so

I’m on the hook for the convertible, since the other two were spoken for. I think it’s important for someone at GM to know that I was a Porsche or Mercedes buyer who was converted. I looking so forward to this super car.”

Sure, the real value of Tony’s comments depend on whether or not you think 45 is young.  Still, considering that the past average age for ‘Vette buyers has been 55, his letter should give GM a big vote of confidence in hopes that the new model will appeal to younger trendsetters without alienating traditional Corvette buyers.

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