New Corvette Deflates BMW M4’s Bratwurst

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C7 Corvette Stingray vs BMW M4

Go ahead and chalk up another win for the C7 Corvette. This time the victim is the 2015 BMW M4.

In a recent video posted on YouTube, two reviewers for Automobile Magazine hit the track in both cars. In the end, both came to the conclusion that they’d much rather be spending time in the Stingray.

Sure, it might have seemed like a no-brainer to us to begin with, but with so much of BMW’s future riding on the 425-horsepower M4, it is a respectable match-up, although many people would probably argue that bringing a European inline-six to battle an American V8 is like bringing a squirrel to a pitbull fight.

Unfortunately, the two reviewers from Automobile never really battle it out on the track, so we’re left to imagining what kind of damage the Corvette could have really done.

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