What Do the New Corvette Z06, a ’63 Z06, and a Bull Have in Common?

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Here’s something that you probably hadn’t considered: The ties between a 2015 Corvette Z06, an original 1963 C2 Stingray Z06, and a bull named Bravo.

That is unless you’re familiar with Moto-Man, who has made a name for himself steering away from the norm when it comes to reviewing cars, even though he’s quite the traditional looking gent.

MotoMan '63 Z06

You’ll find a lot of the auto critic’s unique personality in his review of the Z06 posted in the informative video below, which features Moto-Man test driving and comparing the 2015 model Z06 and the 1963 RPO Z06 Stingray Split Window Coupe, one of only 199 built.

With such a limited number of ’63 Z06s to test drive, Moto-man had to make a deal with the car’s owner; let’s just say he got the horns in the exchange. But it’s worth it, at least for us. From speccing out the ’63’s 327 cu-in L84 V8 to showing off the 2015’s PDR video system, it’s an interesting take on both cars with plenty of revelations you probably hadn’t considered before.

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via [MotoManTV]

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