New Corvette Z06 Convertible takes a bad turn in Michigan

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Crashed Z06 text

Well, it’s pretty clear now that it’s not only average drivers like me who need to be extra careful when taking the wheel of a Corvette. It appears the damage to this 2015 Corvette Z06 Convertible could have happened with one of GM’s own reps at the wheel, considering it’s a pre-production model.

The Corvette, apparently one of the first 2015 Z06 Convertibles spotted in public in the new Daytona Sunrise Orange Metallic color, lost control on a wet Michigan road. An eyewitness claims the ‘Vette spun out of control and took another vehicle with it through a cable-wire median, shredding the vehicle to the point where the cable almost came through the driver’s seat.

The eyewitness even says the tires were bald on the Z06, which the photos suggest is true.

Let’s just hope all involved in the accident were able to walk away.

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