New Corvette Z06 Owner Cracks off a 3.1-Second 0-60 with Passenger

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New Corvette Z06 0-60

Update 12/30/14: This guy ended up blowing his engine. Click here to read all about how that happened.

This just goes to show that the new Corvette Z06 is a performance monster. According to forum member lawdogg149 who posted this PDR footage to YouTube, it only took a few attempts to get down to a 3.16-second 0-60 time. Best of all, lawdogg149 had his brother in the car.

So if the new Corvette Z06 can rip a 3.16 loaded with two occupants, it is ready for battle, despite the losses we’ve seen in the past. Bring it on, Viper.

Watch the new Corvette Z06 beat the Viper several times by clicking here.

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Clicking on the link above will take you into a discussion that suggests cold tires could be limiting the C7 Corvette’s performance. Specifically, tires that are less than 115°F may put C7s into a “nanny” mode.

lawdogg149‘s tire temperatures never went above 95°F. Does this mean we’ll see 0-60 runs in the sub three-second range?

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