New Corvette ZR1 Could Be Baddest Ever

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New ZR1 expected to pack 750 horsepower of supercharged, mind-blowing menace.

Do you ever find yourself wondering how in the world you can top that? It could be something as simple as that mouthwatering piece of chocolate cake you had while dining out the other day. Or something as monumental as that rally by Tom Brady in the latest Super Bowl.

Well, it looks like Chevy is revving up for one of its own believe-it-or-not moments with the debut of the all-new ZR1.

Yep, according to a report by Car and Driver, the last of the C7 variants could go down as one of the most badass ‘Vettes in the history of the nameplate. Serious words, right? Then again, you don’t aim low when you resurrect a name like the ZR1. And you better bring your “A” game for the final model of a generational lineage that includes the 650-horsepower Z06 and the amazing C7 Grand Sport.

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Of course, one of the most alluring features about the new ZR1 are the reports that the variant is expected to crank out a rumbling 750-horsepower from its 6.2-liter engine. That will apparently be made possible with the help of larger intercoolers and an Eaton supercharger.

Car and Driver also suspects that the last of the C7 variants will be offered as a coupe and a convertible. And you’ll get the option of a 7-speed Tremec manual transmission or GM’s 8-speed automatic.

Oh, and that wing massive rear wing? Well, apparently it, and some of the ZR1’s other unique aerodynamic features, were inspired by Learjets. That said, the final C7 will also carry one of the heftiest prices ever seen for a production Corvette, with an expected cost of $135,000-plus.

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