New DOHC 6.2-Liter V8 Coming for 2018 Corvette

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A Leaked GM Document May Reveal That the New ZR1 Is Getting a Dual Overhead Cam, 6.2-Liter V8 Engine

A GM internal document was passed around on Reddit showing the upcoming engine lineup for GM. Down at the bottom of that document was listed a dual overhead cam 6.2-liter V8 engine they’re calling “LT5.”

You may recognize LT5 as the aluminum block DOHC V8 that Lotus designed, and Mercury Marine built for the C4 generation’s venerable ZR-1 model. This new engine will obviously share no parts with the original LT5, but will evoke its spirit, with what is likely to be a lightweight and high-revving engine. GM Authority suggests this new engine will debut when the C7-generation ZR1 hits the market, directly replacing the high-horsepower bruiser in the C6-generation ZR1.


It is possible, however, that Chevrolet is choosing a different tack for the new ZR1. Instead of the big-power supercharged mantle that has been taken over by the Z06 for the C7 generation, what if this new ZR1 was a track-ready, 9,000-RPM, wings-and-splitters-and-canards aero special akin to Porsche’s GT3 RS, or Viper’s ACR? In addition to the new street car, it’s possible this new LT5 engine could homologate dual overhead camshafts for GM’s Le Mans racing program C7.R.

While some sources are claiming this naturally-aspirated, 6.2-liter V8 will produce some ludicrous power to slot in above the current Z06’s 650-hp number, we don’t necessarily see that as being the aim of this engine. While it is sure to make some nutty power, the goal with this engine is likely similar to Ford’s goal with the much-touted flat-plane crankshaft “Voodoo” engine, in that it will rev more freely than the LT1, produce a good bit more power, and most importantly, provide a very different exhaust note for the 2018 Corvette. We think this is an excellent move forward for Chevrolet and their venerable Corvette, evoking their legendary ZR-1 roots, while maintaining a forward-thinking global appeal. Welcome the LT5, long may it live.

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