New Corvette Grand Sport Battles S550 Mustang on the Strip

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There’s something special about hearing a new Corvette roaring down a straightaway in all its glory, especially when it’s beating up on an old, familiar foe.

Of course, if you’re a new-school ‘Vette fan, the sound is even sweeter if it’s a 2017 Grand Sport taking an S550 Mustang to task.

After all, by most accounts, the new Grand Sport is considered by many to be the best C7 variant to date, which should make it a viable contender for the ‘Stang on the drag strip. Unfortunately, this race takes a much different turn for the Corvette, with the Mustang coming out as the winner.

Surprised? Well, you really shouldn’t be. Remember, the Grand Sport was engineered to be far better at tackling corners at high speeds than powering down straightaways; a role for which the 650-horsepower Z06 is much better suited. However, as more aftermarket teams begin modifying the C7 Grand Sport, we expect to start seeing some significant improvements with it on the drag strip as well.

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