New King of the Hill Corvette vs. Old King of the Hill Corvette

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C7 Z06 vs C6 ZR1

America’s sports car has inevitably had its identifications of finding the highest performance Corvette variant and giving it a nickname. The King of the Hill has always been the designation I remember, harking back to when I really started getting into cars with the C4 ZR-1. With time comes new technologies, but are those technologies always effective to all forms of motorsports, whatever that may be?

With the C7 Z06, on-track performance and insane amounts of lateral grip are high on the priorities list, with all other priorities rescinded. But the folks over at Shocker Racing show us that newer isn’t always better in terms of straight-line performance.

I remember years ago seeing a specific Electron Blue C5 Z06 from Shocker Racing, and oh how badly that made me want one. With how simple the C5 was, and still is, it proves lightweight is always an important thing to embrace with any sports car. Keeping with that same formula with the C6 ZR1, it showed what an absolute monster it was in straight-line acceleration. While driving a C6 ZR1, the power and long gearing was quite nuts to feel on highway pulls … allegedly.

The increasing popularity of airport runway roll racing shows how aerodynamics are key with high-speed runs. From the looks of the C7 Z06 in the video below, it appears this car has the Z07 wing, or some sort of rear wing addition, which doesn’t appear to be stock. The car is also fitted with the eight-speed automatic, and no aftermarket power-adders. The C6 ZR1 it’s facing has a cold-air intake and cat-back exhaust good for a few additional ponies. When the speeds increase, the high-speed drag of the C7 proves evident, and the slippery ZR1 moves past.

Click the video to see all the action from the C7 Z06’s PDR.

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