Chip Foose and the OVERHAULIN’ Gang Are Back!

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by Andy Scafetta

Usually when you sell a car you don’t expect to see it again. And you especially don’t expect to get it back in much better condition than when you sold it.

But on an all-new season of Velocity’s OVERHAULIN?, owners and their beloved cars are reunited after Chip Foose, the leader in car restoration, and his build team refurbishes old tired vehicles into incredible one-of-a-kind automobiles for the lucky well-deserving owners. 
Each episode features deserving individuals ranging from returning veterans to those negatively impacted by the tough economy. Without their knowledge the car they cherish but had to give up gets restored by Foose and his team, which includes co-host and longtime collaborator Chris Jacobs and fabrication and restoration expert Jessi Combs. The altered auto becomes a life-changing surprise for its unknowing owner. 
OVERHAULIN? viewers go inside the garage as the team breaks down, repairs, rebuilds and paints each vehicle. And, in a new twist, viewers will experience the engaging human stories of each individual, as well as the strong emotional connection between man and machine. 
 Check out the clip below for a preview of what to expect this season, and catch OVERHAULIN? every Tuesday at 9 PM ET/PT on Velocity.

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