Classic Car Club Shares Story on Vintage ’63 Corvette Convertible

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CCC new vette image

If you know anything about the Classic Car Club (CCC), you know they are a pretty selective group of car buffs.

The private automobile club–which provides its members in New York City and London with access to some of the hottest cars in the world–didn’t make a name for itself by just offering up any kind of vehicles in its fleet.

That’s why we find this clip from CCC Manhattan’s “Drive-Thru” video series, which features a ’63 Corvette, so interesting. That, and the fact that the classic convertible Stingray is such a hot looking car.

A significant part of the video, hosted by the club’s co-owner Zac Moseley, is centered on how to properly drive the vintage ‘Vette, which is probably like preaching to the choir for most here at Corvette Forum. But the CCC rep also talks about how they picked the ’63 model to add to their collection, and he’s accompanied by some great video footage of the Corvette, which makes for an interesting clip.

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Via [Classic Car Club Manhattan]

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