New Z06 is Heaviest Corvette Ever

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Here’s a bit of information I’m sure will spark some interesting comments on the forum. It appears the new Z06 is going to come in as the heaviest Corvette ever at 3,524 lbs. for the coupe. Compare that with 3,175 lbs. for the 2013 Z06. That’s a difference of 349 lbs.

The new convertible Z06 weighs in at 3,582 lbs., according to Corvette Blogger who recently got their hands on a 2015 ordering guide for the Corvette, which includes everything but pricing.

Corvette Blogger suspects a lot of the additional weight is due to the Eaton supercharger and the extra aerodynamic pieces that make it the fastest production ‘Vette ever produced, which I think is well worth a few extra pounds.

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