New Z06 Won’t Start, But Sparks Memorable Comments

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I had a feeling there’d be some interesting comments the second I saw Charperimg’s Corvette Forum post about his new Z06 stuck in the middle of the road with only 274 miles on her.

Of course, a lot of the responses to the post seemed genuinely interested in trying to help the new Z06 owner with such an unfortunate dilemma. But many of the comments were more entertaining than anything, and some others were clearly just pissed off by the whole thing.

Below are a few of the comments that stuck out most:

Xlr8ion – “Call Team Viper….”

Chelseavette – “That’s good pr for Corvettes.”

Freeman1215 – “…Just ignore all the foolish comments from the Mustang guys on the Z06 forums.”

2008COUPE – “That is the last thing I wanted to read after sending a huge payment to my dealer this afternoon.”

Mesospeedy – “Oh no, they didn’t use Cobalt ignition switches in these did they?” Sorry, couldn’t resist!

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JoesC5 – “Sounds as if the ECU is pulling all 650 of your horses to the glue factory, in order to meet emissions (dead engines don’t pollute), meet the EPA fuel economy (dead engines don’t waste gas) and preserve the warranty (dead engines don’t break parts). Sounds like GM has your back (an aftermarket tune should get you started).”

Even Charperimg, himself, was able to make light of the situation: “…Irony here is I drove the car back from Shaheen in Lansing to Grand Rapids here where I live to keep it off a flat bed. And here we are. Haha.”

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However, I think Corvette Forum member Markzeronine probably best sums up the feelings of most Corvette fans: “While some of these posts are hilarious, I hope you take them with a grain of salt! I know I would be livid if it happened to me.”

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