7,000 Miles in, New Corvette Z06 Owner Can’t Get Enough

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2015 corvette z06

The next time you come across someone questioning the quality of the 2015 Corvette Z06, you might want to send them a link to DonLakeFlyer’s recent Corvette Forum thread.

The post, entitled “M7 Z06 Highway, City, Long Drive, Track Use Impressions,” is a well-detailed, personal review of his new Z06, which already has more than 7,000 miles on it, certainly the most mileage we’ve come across for a new Z06.

In addition to clocking in some good time on the track, as highlighted in the PDR video below, DonLakeFlyer has also shared some extensive road time with his car, which makes for quite an interesting read:

“I currently have over 7000 miles on the car. That includes picking it up on Ohio, driving it to Key West (with about 1000 miles with the top off), up to Daytona for the Rolex 24, a few laps around Daytona before the Rolex at a private event, then back across the bottom of the country (to stay out of weather) to Vegas and then back home to Seattle trough California. In Seattle I’ve had the car to the same track 3 times (Pacific Raceways).”

Even more impressive is that after owning a few Porsches and BMWs, DonLakeFlyer says the Z06, his first Corvette, ranks as the best all-around sports car he’s ever driven.

2015 z06 corvette

His most recent car, a 2010 GT3, doesn’t even come close to the Z06. “It (Z06) is a way better daily driver than the GT3,” writes DonLakeFlyer. “In touring mode it is way less harsh and on the highway way more quiet. It is a way more comfortable long distance driver.”

He goes on to describes the Z06’s performance on the track. “Braking capability is hard to believe, no brake fade (I have metal rotors, not ceramic), crazy power. Grip level is outrageous. I’m seeing max lateral at 1.35 on the sport cups. Remember these are performance street tires and not even the grippy cup 2s,” he writes.

However, DonLakeFlyer’s closing sentence probably best sums up his feelings and those of most every other person lucky enough to own a new Z06. “As far as I’m concerned this is the best all-around car, daily driver, long distance plus track car that I’ve ever owned. It makes me smile every time I get in it.”

Preach on DonLakeFlyer, preach on.

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