New Corvette Z06 Owner Shares PDR Quarter-Mile Video

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We’ve come across some of the first consumer-shared Performance Data Recorder (PDR) footage of a quarter-mile run in the new Corvette Z06, and it’s pretty entertaining to watch.

It’s about time, considering that while the technology might be cool for catching a valet joyriding as reported here, I think it’s important not to lose sight of the biggest benefit of the new feature: capturing those stats that really show off the C7’s performance capabilities.

Forum member “hardhattg” was nice to remind us of that benefit by sharing a PDR video in a Corvette Forum thread here from a run on a side road (in “Mexico”, wink-wink) in his new Z06.

Noting he was a little rusty on the launch, hardhattg still managed to squeeze out a 0-60-mph time of 3.60, a 0-100-mph time of 7.60, and a ¼-mile of 11.50 while reaching a speed of over 120 mph.

Thanks for sharing, hardhattg.

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