New Z06 Ownership in Europe Won’t Come Cheap

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If you live in Europe and want to buy the new Corvette Z06, it won’t come cheap.

Well, at least by American standards.

While the base price for the car here in the states starts at $78,995, the European sticker for the Z06 Coupe will have a suggested retail price of €99,500 ($124,200) when it goes on sale in the spring of 2015, according to a report.

That amounts to a savings of more than $42,000, for those of us here in the U.S.

A new convertible Z06 will cost you €104,500 or $130,445 in Europe, compared to $83,995 in the U.S. The optional Z07 Performance Package tacks on another €16,500 or $20,311. However, the Z06 is a still a hell of a deal when you consider that a comparable exotic (if there is such thing), like the Ferrari 458 Italia perhaps, will cost you around £169,545 or $265,966 in Europe. What a deal!

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