New Corvette Z06 Sales Off to a Ridiculously Great Start

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In case you didn’t already know, the new Z06 is a hit. Make that a HUGE hit!

In a recent interview with Autoline, Corvette Chief Engineer, Tadge Juechter, recently noted that the new Z06 is currently accounting for close to half of all C7 sales, which makes quite a statement for the new car.

“We’ve been selling at kind of a great rate,” says Juechter at about the 14-minute mark of the episode posted below. “We started last fall with the manual transmission cars, we just started a few weeks ago actually shipping automatic transmission cars. And right now, 40% of our orders are Z06s.”

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Juechter also says roughly 80% of new Z06 buyers are opting for the coupe, compared to 20% of buyers ordering the convertible. Which I’m not really surprised about; I kind of figured most new Z06 buyers would opt for the more traditional take on the track car.

But the Z06 accounting for 40% of all new ‘Vettes is kind of mind-blowing, right?

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via [Autoline]

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