New Corvette Z06 Takes the Stage at 2015 Geneva Auto Show

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As a car maker looking to garner the attention of the masses in Europe, the Geneva International Motor Show is a good place to start. The show, which kicked off March 5, is unquestionably one of the best places to showcase your goods.

The Corvette team took full advantage of such a stage this year by giving attendees a long, good look at the new Z06, which is revving up to make its official street debut in Europe this year.

In the video below, Patrick Herrmann (pictured), Chevy’s technical manager of communications in Europe, presents the technical characteristics and features of the Corvette Z06, which includes some specific calibrations for the European market.

z06 corvette geneva auto show

Oliver Gavin, American Le Mans Series Corvette Racing driver, is also featured in the video. He speaks about the close interaction between the Corvette Racing team and the engineering team that went into developing the new American supercar.

While most of what he has to say is fairly old news for us here in the U.S., you still never really get tired of hearing anything about the new Z06. Besides, Gavin’s arrival to the Geneva show is so monumental (as you can see in the bottom video), it doesn’t really matter what he says.

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