Could the New Corvette Z06/Z07 Be the Best Chevy Ever?

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I’m betting this will stir up a fair share of comments. Of course, anytime someone calls something “the best ever,” it usually does. Talk about one type of wheat bread being better than another is bound to spark some kind of debate, so you fully expect a post suggesting that the 2015/2016 Corvette Z06/Z07 could be the best Chevrolet ever.

Yup, you read that right. Not just the best Corvette, but the best Chevy ever made — in the 100-plus year history of the company.

Now, before everyone starts firing off at old Detroit Steel in the comments section, know that the statement didn’t come from me directly. It’s actually a questioned posed to readers in a recent Super Chevy post.

But the writer, K. Scott Teeters, does put up a pretty reasonable argument for the claim. The crux of his theory lies in how the C7 Z06 with the Z07 package far exceeds any Corvette in every area you can think of when it comes to performance. Agree or disagree, it’s certainly worth the full read before weighing in on his opinion.

Then head back to the forum and let us know if you agree with such a bold claim.

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