NHL Goalie Craig Anderson a Huge Corvette Fan

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NHL Player’s New Perspective on Life Sheds Different Light on Our Love for Corvettes

You’ll be hard pressed to find any player in the NHL that represents the spirit of Corvette more than Craig Anderson.

Never heard of him? Well, know this: the Ottawa Senators goalie from Park Ridge, Illinois is a self-described fanboy of the American sports car. So much so, that he had a C7 Corvette designed into his helmet, as highlighted in report by The Drive.

In fact, the hockey player’s father Richard (pictured with Craig above) is a sitting member on the National Corvette Museum Board of Directors. But even more important than Craig’s ties to our beloved American sports car is his even deeper love for family. That’s a trait that’s also pretty common among Corvette owners.

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However, Anderson’s sense of family has taken on a much stronger meaning as of late. See, for the past eight weeks, the hockey player has been away from the game to be with his wife, Nicholle, as she goes through chemotherapy for a rare throat cancer.

In an Ottawa Citizen report, Anderson details how the experience has given him a different perspective on life.

“When you go through something this traumatic and difficult, hockey is a job. I’m passionate about it, but at the end of the day, hockey will go on, whether I’m in it or not,” Anderson told the local Ottawa paper.

And when you think about it, that’s a pretty good bit of advice for many of us here at Corvette Forum, as well. Sure, it’s perfectly fine for us to have a deep passion for the car and the nameplate. But it’s also important to keep that love in the proper perspective.

If you get a second, be sure to visit Anderson’s Facebook page and let our fellow Corvette fan know that we’re all wishing his wife a healthy and speedy recovery.

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