Nine of Corvette Forum’s Most Illustrative Photos of Corvette Love

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Scrolling through this thread here, where Corvette Forum members have posted photos of themselves with their cars, I found myself reminded of how broad the passion for ‘Vettes really is among fans of the car, young and old.

Sure, at the core, it’s really about a shared love for the performance associated with the American icon that we cover here at Corvette Forum, but still, there are some stories you come across about a love for the car that are pretty unique.

Sometimes all it takes is a photograph to capture the true spirit of Corvette fans, so I’ve pulled nine of my favorite from the thread that I think capture that special love for the Corvette.

69 L46 4 Speed 20140115_113849 (800x600)

69 L46 4 Speed

C6FirstVette CIMG2714


ejbrace 005_a8aa03309e05ebba205561d15ea494e6093ecac8


fyreline 2007-13_zps5166d81c

fyreline 2007

jlbsam - la jolla motor car classic


slowstang305 f_fd3b4e857afa55cf2e18d717bc020cad8c8edd3d


teebee NCM_0027_zps912c0b16


Titan C6Z 2015_01_19_15_42_02_fad179d5cccb56eb2db70fd39a265c4495b59647

Titan C6Z

87SAM _83db42c9399839ea843f712254cd6d910cbb9af9


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