9 of Corvette Forum’s Top Red Corvette Pics

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victory red corvette

I know you guys are going to think I’m just itching for criticism this week, but after reading through the thread titled “Show us Your Red Corvette,” started by “ryanbum” with the picture of his Victory Red 2008 above, I got inspired. So I threw on “Little Red Corvette,” and took a stab at the unthinkable: picking my top nine pics.

I know, I know, narrowing down a list of the top red Corvette photos seems like an awfully subjective process. So, with that in mind, I’ve also included a brief explanation as to why I picked each photo, just so you know I at least put some serious thought into it.


Why? I love seeing it photographed with that Smucker’s sign and strawberries. It’s hard to say which is more mouth-watering, the ‘Vette or the berry.


69 L46 4 Speed

69 L46 4 Speed
Why this Torch Red 2013 Grand Sport convertible? How could I say “no” to a Corvette in front of the National Corvette Museum?


James Howard

James Howard
Why? Seeing the heart and soul of the Corvette accented in red gets me all revved up.



Why? Because it shows where the Corvette really shines.


Mad Max

Beautiful Girl with C6 Corvette

Mad Max
Why? Need you ask?



Why? Love the vintage view.



Why? Positioning the car in front of the Corvette Corral sign was clever.



Why? It’s clean and I love the wheels.


50 4Ever

50 4 Ever
Why? Nice pairing. Now that’s a race I’d love to see!

Which are your favorites? Chime in with your thoughts on the forum. >>

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